Mardini Döner Kebap is one of the best and first döner meat distribution and gastro services proving  company in Europe. We have been committed in wholesale and retail market in Europe especially Germany, Czech Republic and Poland. We keep an authentic Turkish taste of Doner meat.



We have free delivery system more than 100 kilometers all over Czech republic. We have 27 years of experience in the field of döner meat distribution and gastro services in Germany. Now we are in Czech republic since 2008. “We claim that we give hygienically qualified products”.



We are doing transactions in Euro and our price starts from 3.5 €. We have five kinds of doners such as chicken, Beef , mix (teleci, kruti) and teleci plus beef.

Doner kebab meat

Quality Control

At Mardini, from raw materials to delivering products, we have standards for each flow that could potentially affect the product quality. Whatever does not conform to these standards does not continue to the next step and so we make sure that only safe products are delivered to customers.

Best Prices


Register and activate your account in and order your product from our e-shop and you will get high quality products with a best price in the market. Mardini kebab has an automated system to give your order to system administrator. They will deliver your products to your place in Germany, Czech Republic and Poland.



Delivery Service


We have plenty of methods to deliver your products to your location that we are getting from your sales order. We can deliver your products for free of charge within 100 kilometers in Czech Republic from our business destination. If you would like to start a kebab fast food with or without dining we can give our business support you to achieve your goal.

international food control system



POTIS GD4 (LPG/natural gas) New In Stock

POTIS GD4 (LPG/natural gas)

Technical SpecificationsCharging space w/o octangular grease pan (WxD)510 x 590 mmDevice height w/ m..

786.50 € Ex Tax: 650.00 €

POTIS GD5 (LPG/natural gas) New

POTIS GD5 (LPG/natural gas)

Technical SpecificationsCharging space w/o octangular grease pan (WxD)660 x 600 mmDevice height w/ m..

907.50 € Ex Tax: 750.00 €



Technical SpecificationsCharging space w/o octangular grease pan (WxD)450 x 500 mmDevice height w/ m..

968.00 € Ex Tax: 800.00 €

Jet 100 New

Jet 100


544.50 € Ex Tax: 450.00 €

Mains-operated Tandir Knife 100 New

Mains-operated Tandir Knife 100

Recommendation:Suitable for doner spits of up to 20 kgDescription:Tandir Knife 100 with 10 knife dia..

629.20 € Ex Tax: 520.00 €

Toaster small New

Toaster small


302.50 € Ex Tax: 250.00 €